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Box Bellows

Fabric Bellows The area of application determines the choice of the material. By defaultwe use polyester fabric coated with PVC or PU, but we are able to offer a wide choice of materials for different fields of applications.

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U, L, Bellows, Pleated Aprons

U-. L-shape with: internal PVC support of varying thickness with Velcro® fastener movable, fixed or telescop blades made of stainless-steel or aluminum (for light solutions). Terminal flange material: steel for high speed applications PVC for low price and low weight…

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Round Bellows New Products

Rubber-Disk Bellows After cutting out elastomere–disks, we vulcanize them inside and out to create dust and liquid-proof bellows with excellent stability – without mould or tool costs. We are able to offer you Rubber-Disk bellows made out of different elastomeric…

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Rubber bellows from stock / spare parts

Spare Parts You need spare parts? Please let us know the dimensions. We like to search in our stock if there is a fitting bellow. Hundreds of moulds already exist, maybe the one you need is already available. If no…

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