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U, L, Bellows, Pleated Aprons

U-. L-Bellows / Folding Apron Cover Individually Made Bellows


You need a individually made bellow? We offer U-. L-form / folding apron covers or individually made bellows produced to fit any shape or size.

The area of application determines the choice of the material. By defaultwe use polyester fabric coated with PVC or PU. But there is a width range of different materials. Our technical office will be glad to offer you expert advice to find the best of all possible solutions. For this purpose, please fill out our request form.

U-. L-shape with:

  • internal PVC support of varying thickness
  • with Velcro® fastener
  • movable, fixed or telescop blades made of stainless-steel or aluminum (for light solutions).

Terminal flange material:

  • steel for high speed applications
  • PVC for low price and low weight
  • Aluminum, if the application of PVC is not possible

Fixing of the terminal flange:

  • Screwed
  • “velcro®” fastening
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