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Teleskopic Springs

Teleskopic Springs

Telescopic Springs have been developed to protect against

  • accidents,
  • soiling and mechannical damage,


wherever there are rotating parts, such as spindles or shafts.

They have proven high reliability even after many years of practical use in heavy-duty conditions.

Our Telescopic Springs are designed so that they follow the motion of the machine by spring force.


High-quality blue spring steel strip (55-58 Rockwell) with rounded edges and a strength of up to 1800N/m2. Where coolants with high water content are regularly used, we recommend telescopic springs made of stainless steel (material No. 1.4.310). However, these have less spring force and therefore cannot be made in all sizes

They can be used for vertical, horizontal or diagonal motion. Some of these springs can also be retrofitted.

Telescopic Springs are available in more than 1,000 proven dimensions.

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