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Surface Hardening Device

Surface hardening device

(Shot-peen Apply Polish)


Surface hardening apparat for:

  • Tools
  • Moulds
  • Wear and tear components

35 years of experience, state-of-the-art technology and traditional:=

  • attractive price
  • easy to maintain,
  • robust and
  • can be used with several machines/tools

The steadily rising cost pressure of production makes this to an important consideration nowadays.

Because of this it can lower your costs.

Our Surface hardening apparat creates layers of high hardness, by applying carbide on the treated surfaces.

  • Layer hardness (depending on the basic material) of 70-75 HRc
  • Layer thickness of 5- 25µm, easy to adjust on the apparatus
  • Fast and precise localised surface hardening without shape distortion or lowering of the hardness of the basic material

Technical applications


Die casting
to avoid erosion of the casting mould; improved unloading
coating the plunger avoids cold welding; increasing the endurance of the tools
avoids cold welding, irregular section thickness, cup base fracture
Forming by bending:
avoids cold welding
Increasing the endurance of the tools by chipping grey cast, Al ,Ms and other metals
Hot press moulding
To elongate the endurance of the moulds
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