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Roll covers

Roll covers with textile fabric, stainless steel band or aluminum apron cover

Roll covers are a valid protection used as an alternative to telescopic covers and bellows.

Roll covers offer different advantages:

  • Protection of the guides against Oil, Coolant, dust, water spatter. If there are incandescent chips we recommend an aluminum apron cover is used (see material list)
  • Accident prevention
  • Minimum necessary dimensions
  • Easy assembly (screw fixed)
  • High travel speed and acceleration
  • Wide choice of material
  • Long life

Roll covers without roller box

Featuring reduced dimensions, the roll covers allow an elegant solution and offer excellent protection from coolants, water spatter, Oil, dust, lubricants …also available with a deflection sheave.

Roll covers with roller box

An additional protection for the roll-up.

They are also supplied

  • with a stainless steel belt, resistant even to incandescent chips
  • with wipers, mounted on the housing, to prevent fouling

Apron Cover Systems

The apron covers are an excellent solution that provides:

  • guide protection against fouling, especially with the occurrence of hot chips
  • high load capacity (able to be walked on)
  • accident prevention
  • requires only minimum space
  • simple mounting (screw fixed)
  • resistance against high temperatures
  • long-life
  • attractive price

We use different types, in different material thickness. This allows us

to offer you the apron cover for your type of machine you’re your environmental conditions. Our technical office

will be glad to offer you expert advice to find the best of all possible solutions.

Technical Characteristics

Belt head fixing:

All steel parts can be glazed, burnished or painted black. Any fixing holes are made in accordance with the customer’ s drawing.

Fixing Apron Cover Systems

End fixing by solid end link or angle

Roller box fixing:

Standard mounting of the box. Nearly every possible mounting can be provided. For customised mounting we need a drawing or a sketch.

There are materials

  • for elevated temperatures
  • resistant against chips, weld spatter (Fibreglass, perhaps with specific coating)
  • resistant against mineral oil, coolant spatter, acid
  • …..

Apron Cover Systems

GR Light

GR heavy
They are produced in three types:
1.highly tear-resistant coated fabric (GR)

  • – with Aluminium segments (GR light)
  • With Aluminium /Aluminium or Steel/Steel or Steel/Brass (GR heavy)

GP g
2. Aluminium segments with Polyurethane connections (GP 5,5)

  • rounded or
  • surface flat (can be cleaned by wipers) (GP g)
  • from 5.5 mm thickness walk able (for the reckoning please contact our technical office)
3. Aluminium segments (G 6.7 – 25)

  • can be walked upon, perfect as pit cover (for an assessment please contact our technical office)
  • easy to extend or to shorten
  • profiles are changeable ( in case of damages)

Visual openings are also possible.

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