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Machine Mounts

Machine Mounts


Mounts: designed to be high-performing, stable, economical and visually attractive

Their stability under load, versatility and favorable price mean that they are suitable for all kinds of machinery and equipment, especially on rough floors.

Our mounts enable machines to stable and level, whilst also absorbing vibrations and noise.

Vibration Reducing

Robust vibration reduction through elastic deformation of the damping disc.

Adjustable for inclines

For sloping or rough floors.

Independent foot adjustment

Easy levelling and re-adjustment

Anti-Vibration Mounts

Carrying capacity kg
Fields of Application
SruB / SruB-INOX
transversal flexibel, Serie T mit Gegenpuffer für noch bessere Vibrationsdämpfung
resistent gegen Witterungseinflüsse
Low frequencies (8-12Hz)
Petrol and Diesel engines, electric motors, generators, engine compressors, motor-pumps, refrigerators, tractors cabins, agricultural machines and various devices that contain or are subject to low frequencies INOX: food industry machines, marine sector and for an ambient rust and mildew presence
High performance,
resistant to corrosion and stress, aesthetic and functional properties retained, Adiprene sole: resistance to slide and acids, Vibration and noise damping
N.B. bigger mounts means less load to carryt !
Frequently used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries for cleanliness and hygiene reasons. Also suitable for floors often treated with detergents

Anti-vibration/adjustable Mounts

Carrying capacity kg
Fields of Application
Adjustable with a spanner. Oil resistant, non-skid
Max. dynamic load:
320 – 1450
Max. static load
: 900 – 3600
Machine tools Presses
Simple and quick to level. Consists of two types of rubber;
hard rubber for higher load carrying capacity,
and elastic rubber for noise reduction. Oil resistant, non-skid
Max.dynamic load:
400 – 1800
Max. static load:
1200 – 6000
Machine tools Presses
Adjustable with a spanner. Vibration control
240 – 2500
Capable of tilting (revolving screw), solid, cost-effective
500 – 1500
Workbenches, shelves, Commercial structural sections in aluminium
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