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Box Bellows

Box Bellows – Bellows for Lifting Tables


Box Bellows can be manufactured by different production methods. According to customer requirements we choose the suitable material and production method. Box Bellows can be realized as Fabric Bellows, Rubber-Disk Bellows or Dipping Bellows.

Fabric Bellows

The area of application determines the choice of the material. By defaultwe use polyester fabric coated with PVC or PU, but we are able to offer a wide choice of materials for different fields of applications.

Rubber-Disk Bellows

After cutting out elastomere–disks, we vulcanize them inside and out to create dust and liquid-proof bellows with excellent stability – without mould or tool costs.

We are able to offer you Rubber-Disk bellows made out of different elastomeric mixtures and with different material thicknesses. These materials cover more than 90% of customer requests.

If you need something unique, please do not hesitate to ask us.

  • good resistance against chemicals, ozone and UV
  • easy to fit
  • quickly available
  • minimum Lmin at large Lmax
  • with collars,
  • flanges,
  • Velcro® fastening

Dipping Bellow

According to customer requests we have created a rubber dipping former out of aluminum which allows us to make bellows out of plasticized PVC.


  • available with different Shore hardness
  • Pigments in all RAL colors
  • Thicknesses of 1 – 5 mm are possible
  • also for difficult geometrical shapes
  • a zip or Velcro® fastener is possible for easy retrofitting
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