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DIN EN ISO 9001:2008   

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Oil Skimmer


To remove foreign oils and floating pollution from lubricating coolants and other industrial fluids.

The challenge

Lubricating coolants and other fluids have to meet the high requirements set with regard to the service life, production quality, working hygiene and disposal of waste. Foreign oils and floating pollution stop the oxygen supply and the medium becomes polluted. This contributes to the formation of ideal breeding places for bacteria, fungi and dregs - causing skin irritations, allergy and mucous formation and necessitating the need to replace or dispose of the industrial fluid. These hygienic and financial aspects make maintenance with the Oil skimmer indispensable.

Your advantages

The disposal of waste is becoming more and more expensive and pollutes the environment. Environmental protection with the Oil skimmer reduces your overhead expenses by

  • Increasing the service life of the media
  • Reducing the costs incurred for the disposal of waste
  • Preventing skin diseases and therefore reducing staff absences


Fields of application

Oil skimmers are suitable for the maintenance of:

  • Lubricating coolants
  • Cleaning plants/wash baths
  • Electroplating plants
  • Cracking plants for compressor oils
  • Machine tools
  • Purification plants
  • Soakaways/sewage plants
  • Degreasing baths

The main features of these equipments are the ease of operation and high output. The compact design and exchangeable skimming systems enable them to be installed on any machine or plant.

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