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"Rubber"- Bellows

Vulcanized Bellow, Dipping Bellow, Rubber-Disk Bellow, Fabric Bellow


Vulcanized Bellows

These items are made as a single piece without joints. They are easy to fit and guarantee full protection for any mechanical item without affecting its movement.

They are made in any shape or size required by the customer. Hundreds of moulds already exist, maybe the one you need is already available.


resistant against mineral oil and emulsion; thermally stable, absolutely airtight, watertight, easy to fit



Rubber-Disk Bellows

After cutting out Elastomere–Disks, we vulcanize them inside and out to create dust and liquid-proof bellows with excellent stability – without mould or tool costs.

Application: mechanical engineering
spindles, shafts, plunger rods and guides
Performance: good resistance against chemicals, ozone and UV
dust- and liquid proofed
guide bushes, supporting disks or wire rings possible for stabilization
easy to fit
quickly available
Mounting: with collars, flanges, Velcro® fastening

We are able to offer you Rubber-Disk Bellows made out of different Elastomeric mixtures and with different material thicknesses. These materials cover more than 90% of customer requests.

If you need something unique, please do not hesitate to ask.


Dipping Bellow

Following customer requests, we have created a rubber dipping former of aluminium, which allows us to make bellows out of plasticised PVC.

Application: agricultural machinery
wherever ozone and UV resistance are required
offshore work
within the computer industry
Performance: very good resistance to ozone, UV,
temperature resistance -30°C - + 70°C, and briefly to + 90°C
available with different Shore hardness
a zip fastener is possible for easy retrofitting
can cater for difficult geometrical shapes
Mounting: with collars or flanges


Fabric Bellows

Made of special fabric and coated to suit the intended use - without mould or tool costs.

Application: cardan shafts, plunger rods, …
Performance: approved for protection against high environmental temperatures
flying sparks, dust
robust against large mechanical stress
excellent dimensional stability, further stabilisation possible through the application of wire rings or coil springs
robust in aggressive or rough environments
zip or Velcro® fastener is possible for easy retrofitting
Mounting: with collars or flanges

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