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Round Bellows, Folding apron cover, tubular-, roof-, u-form


Bellows offer different advantages:
  • accident prevention
  • protection against dirt, lubricating coolants, swarfs….
  • high translation speed
  • long life
  • wide choice of materials
  • minimum necessary dimensions
  • easy assembly


We use different materials in diverse compositions and processing, allowing us to offer you just the bellows needed for your type of machine and the environmental conditions. Our technical office will be glad to offer you expert advice and a range of possible solutions.


Round Bellows:


  • easy to fit
  • guaranteed full protection for any mechanical part, without restricting its movement
  • made to pattern in any shape or size

Special designs:

  • zip fastener
  • wire rings or coil springs to increase stability
  • double seams and silicone to cope with high amounts of liquid


Folding apron cover, tubular-, roof-, u-form:


Heat sealed execution:
Manufactured by heat sealing the shell onto an internal PVC support of varying thickness
Conventional glued:
Manufactured by gluing various types of shell onto an internal PVC support
Special designs for both types:
  • Movable, fixed or telescopic blades made of stainless-steel or aluminium (for light solutions).
  • With Velcro® fastener

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