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Way Wipers


The protection of slideways has always been of considerable interest to the designers and manufactures of such machines. Especially as slideways are now subject to higher forces because of the improved performance of cutting tools, and increased cutting feed rates and rapid traverse rates. Through experience and development we have produced a way wiper in an elastic material which performs the task of keeping slideways clear of swarf, dust and all other abrasive materials found in the workshop environment more efficiently than any other type on the market.

Way Wipers

We’ll cut to lengths, drill and mill in accordance with your requirements.
Standard strips length 560 mm and 1000mm.

Standard lengths are available from stock.
Processed wipers (cut to length, drilled, milled, are avaiable at short notice)

Way Wipers for Telescopic Steel Covers:

They keep cover boxes clean and prevent dirt and swarf from entering. The wipers are spot welded, riveted or screwed to the cover boxes. As their edges are smooth they can be adapted perfectly to sheet metal surfaces. We can manufacture the wipers to customer’s own designs.



Formed Wipers/Wipers in accordance with a customer’s drawing:

These wipers are constructed to the customer’s drawing in any shape and dimension, and in a single piece, complete with mounting holes and holes allowing for taper gib adjustment. The minimum quantity is 100. For smaller quantities it may be possible to offer a modification to an existing wiper design, as there are many designs already in existence. However, it is essential that a drawing of the slideways to be cleaned is made available.

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