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Advantages of the air bearings:

  • Efficient use of the air cushion (close to the physical limit) through an uniform pressure within the whole gap;
  • Perfect combination of static and dynamic properties;
  • Highest-possible flexibility of the air bearing properties; with a particular gap height, we are able to optimize the air bearing such that it has for example a maximum load, stiffness, tilt stiffness, damping, or a minimum air consumtion (respectively also in combination with others);
  • Multi-approved highest precision of all air bearings, e.g. in the measurement technology due to slightest movements (< 2 nanometer) through physical, lowest-possible self-excited vibrations;
  • Considerably higher tilt stiffness than conventional air bearings such that the air within the gap flows through canals from the loaded to the unloaded areas away;
  • Vibration-free within the entire operating range even with high air supply (in accordance even much more than 10 bar are possible);
  • Highest reliability due to the large number of nozzles: clogging of nozzles by particles is out of question (nary failure in operation) because their diameter is much higher than gap height;
  • Possibility to adjust bearing properties to deformation and tolerances of bearing and opposite surface;
  • Proven usability for many bearing materials and coatings;



Automotive Technology
As for the automotive engineering, we increase the precision of measurements as well as the productivity and lifetime of production machines with our air-guided solutions.

Flat Panel Technology
We developed numerous single or multi axis air guided drive systems for the production of flat panel displays or for different applications in the semi conductor production. Hundreds of systems are applied since 2003. Moreover, we develop and manufacture customized solutions as, for instance, high-precision chucks with integrated functions or high-sensitive measurement tools and handling systems.
Chuck with integrated air/vacuum in the surface and lift pins

Semiconductor Technology
In terms of the measurement of wafers and flat panels, it is tremendously important to lead the sensor chip precisely and without any contact along the surface. Therefore the chip is integrated directly into the bearing’s surface. The maximum distance tolerance to the surface which refers to the gap variation of the air bearing, is smaller than 0.5 µm. When placing the air bearing with the sensor chip, they must not touch the wafer surface being measured. As for the up-and-down movement a pneumatic piston is used which is, for repeatability reasons, also air-guided. The preload of the air bearing and thus the gap height is also adjusted with this piston.


Linear Drives
Customized system developments: The broad field of applications reaches from ultra-precise drives for the measurement technology, complex and robust multifunctional systems for the electronic and semi conductor production to low-cost drives fort he automation technology.
air-guided linear drive
for highest dynamic

Medical technology
Fat and oil free drives for respirators, stick-slip-free movements of scanners or a high rotary speed of large rotors: we achieved all this with air bearings.
Production Technology
Primarily, stick-slip-free movements and/or smallest forces are required. Our air bearing technology is predestinated for fat/oil-free high-dynamic movements with short strokes.
        Air-guided Computer Tomography


Solar Technology
As for the solarindustry, we contribute to a higher productivity and a reduction of the substrate damaging. Based on our air bearing technology, we develop innovative solutions. With nearly forceless suckers and stick-slip-free bearings up to highest temperatures, these solutions make new perspective on transportation, when handling and for the machining of thin-film and silicon solar cells possible.


Printed circuit board drilling is one of the main fields for air bearings. In this industry we established a strong position with different outstanding products. Meanwhile, the broad spectrum of spindles reaches from small spindles with a very low friction to spindles with the highest speed of 300,000 rpm. Designing a new concept, we are able to simulate air-guided spindles regarding their static and dynamic behaviors and even for highest speed. For this reason, applications for the automobile industry are also under way.


Textile Technology
In the textile industry energy savings, productivity, and reliability are most significant. With two inventions for the yarn production, we allow to take paths for solutions already for a long time dreamed of by engineers: rotor spinning with a direct drive (without belts) and ring spinning with a much higher productivity. Both solutions prove the tremendous possibilities of air bearings and show how know-how and creativity complement one another.

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