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Technical details
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Technical details


The SMX – An elastic coupling consisting of only 4 parts

  • 1+2 Hubs;
  • 3 elastic insert
  • 4 holding ring



Two identical hubs made of cast iron, (0 and 00, made of a light metal alloy). Each hub has eight teeth, (A0 and A00 has 6 respectively 4 teeth).

Elastic insert:

Toothed and open faced, made of a special polyurethane elastomer.

  • Resistance to high torque, shear and shock loads
  • Highly resistant to abrasion, humidity, oil, corrosive atmospheres and chemicals
  • Retains performance characteristics at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +80°C, for other applications please ask
  • Long-life even in abrasive, corrosive and humid atmospheres, no service or lubrication necessary
  • Manufactured with different characteristics (Standard, high temperature, high performance) and hardness. Advice available.

Has an outstanding durability



The ring is made from a polyamide or steel. It has a pin inside for adjusting the ring on the elastic insert and two threaded holes through which the screws are fitted. This ensures that the ring does not move during operation.